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06 November 2013 @ 01:13 pm


Most of the post open to friends only, comment to be added!
Please tell me who you are ^^

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19 August 2013 @ 07:08 pm
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08 April 2010 @ 07:32 pm
My last time updating this was 6 months ago *laughs*

Should write more often since I don't keep a hand written diary anymore >.<
Since my last post, I got a few more additions to my dolls family : )
My last post was in October, when I just got back from Vietnam like for a month
and now, I'm going there again in less than 3 months : )
I'm so glad I can go back once a year, because I'm seriously miss it!
This year when I got back, I'm going to Korea with my friends too, so it will be a fun summer (not looking forward to when summer end though)

Been addicted with the drama "You're Beautiful"
Glad I decided to watch it, my first Korean drama after a longgg time (last one was Coffee Prince)
Waiting for new episodes every week was such a torture T___T and so sad that the drama only have 16 episodes. It was really beautiful, so I don't get why it didn't get a higher ratings.

Anyway, of course I have to order the D-cut for myself ^^

'You're Beautiful' Director's Cut

My favorite out of A.N.JELL is Mi Nam........yes I watch this drama for Park Shin Hye (I lovee her)
Then of course Tae Kyung is next........and them 2 make such a cuteee couple!!

Now i'm going to check out my old entries...it's fun reading them again..

Doll pics~~Collapse )
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18 August 2009 @ 12:46 am
suddenly i realized i don't have a post about this baby that i met few weeks ago...
she is my cousin's cousin's daughter...
she is sooooooooo adorable that i can not get enough of her!!
i wish she live nearby.......but she live in a city next to Ho Chi Minh.......the ride is about almost 1 hour....but before i'm going back to the state...i will definitely come and take her pictures again!

at first we thought she couldn't talk yet so we asked her to smile and then suddenly she said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in a very low and boyish voice...it's the cutest thing xD.....when she got familiar with us....we asked her to smile and she will just smile : D

she loveeeeeeeeee to have her pictures taken...she will point at my camera and said "picture" (in Vietnamese of course lol) and then her 2 little hands will hold my lens....her head will face to my lens and then she smile.....it's soooooooooo cute xDDD.......i have video of that...(actually...many video of her...).......i will post it someday!



smile n_n

This kid deserves a hug! (that's what her shirt said)Collapse )
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17 August 2009 @ 11:44 pm
so fast : (
i only have about 2 weeks left in Vietnam : (
i will be super sad when i leave.....

anyway we went to Mui Ne last weekend, it was a fun family vacation :D
though the stay only last 2 days...but we all had a blast!
i love the resort wwhere we stayed....so beautiful! the kids love the swimming pool the most.......and maybe it's because we are the only ones swimming....most of the other swim at the beach haha.........because next to the pool is the beach.....very close!
I also noticed so many Koreans there haha

here are some pictures :)

sorry if there are too many ^^;;;;




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01 August 2009 @ 09:21 pm
Yesterday i found an MV that i was in when i was small (and was still going to music school)
i'm not singing (still looking for those MVs T_T)......but i'm a "back dancer" LOL
i miss my childhood!! it's fun to watch it again and realized i'm SO OLD now...can't even recognize myself ㅡㅡ;;;;;;;;;


More captures....the red mouseCollapse )

the animal clothes remind me of Leeteuk! lol.....and if you notice my hand often on my neck because i remember it's so itchy and i have to pull the hat down so it won't touch my neck!
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30 July 2009 @ 12:12 am
5 more days until my mom is here with me!! *and my ipod touch lol*...

haven't seen her for like 3 months....

Today is my 1003 days with Super Junior.....where does the time go?

From : Tuesday, October 31, 2006
To : Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 years, 8 months, 30 days
86,659,200 seconds
1,444,320 minutes 
24,072 hours 
143 weeks

though i feel like  it has been forever......can't believe it's only 1003 days!

actually i want to celebrate the 1000 days (but i forgot! how could i! i thought it was on the 29th but it actually on the 26th!!!....but 1003 also a beautiful number....so i will go with that..haha)..........those 1003 days we shared happiness, sadness together.....i couldn't wait for another 1003 and another 1003x131313131313 days so we can share more happiness and sadness together....♡ I love you soooooooooooooo much!! I always say this but don't tell my mom i love you best : ). Happy 1003th day, honeys!!

also, i've realized that 1 years ago...on  July 27th, Super Junior also celebrated their 1000 days..(and that's when Leeteuk announced Super Junior will FOREVER 13 xD love him to death! <3)

These are some pictures at the zoo, also at the country side (went there for a wedding *my cousin's cousin got married*

oh and also i went to see Raymond Lam!! omg he is sooooooo cute and handsome!! xD

with giraffe


broken rice...or "com tam" in Vietnamese

pics spam~~~~~Collapse )
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19 July 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Offline 15

Today was my first time went to an offline....
i don't know about other countries....but in Vietnam...when a group of people get together and host a party (?)...we called it offline...
Today was offline for Leeteuk, Heechul and Ryeowook's birthdays......but this offline is only for South Vietnam SJ's fans...
This was my first time went to an offline so i was very nervous....because i don't know anyone...(thanks God i knew ss Dung <3)...and as imagine...so many SJ fans gathered at one place......i have a very great time screaming haha..because the staffs played a lot of SJ clips so everyone were busy screaming lol

the ticket for the offline is 40k (40VND = $2 USD)....but because my friend is a staff so i only paid 35k....everyone got a free sticker and icetea (+ balloon xD)
I have a lot of fancams because i want to save this memory....because it's my first ever offline....i don't get to go to this when i'm in the US...i love to see everyone is crazy about Super Junior as much as i do...

This is the ticket...i have number 86.....they had the number for prize....like during the offline they picked 3 people to go up and blow Teuk, Chul & Wook 's candles..., and they picks numbers for prices as posters (1 with real Super Junior's sign T____T), socks, pictures, etc...

Offline's ticket

I also got to eat the cake (Leeteuk's cake!!!).....
The tickets were all sold out (113 in total...) but later more people coming so i think the number of people was up to 130....it was from 1PM to 4PM......they also auctioned the 3 posters of Leeteuk, Heechul and Ryeowook......

overall....it was a really fun day to spent........the thing i loved the most was when fans screaming for the boys....(ahhh love that feeling...it's like watching the real Super Junior with fans screaming...)

Offline 9
playing game...
Love their "Monkey Junior" shirt xD (notice the number 92!, i want one too!), at the back they have SJ ♥ 13)

Love U more...Collapse )
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09 July 2009 @ 10:46 pm
She loves Super Junior (hey im a big influent lol)
Her favorite is Kyuhyun
She can recognizes his voice by listening (that's good for a 6 years old!)
She likes Shinee and SS501 as well (don;t blame me T_T)
She loves Kim Bum
She watches more Korean dramas than I do...
but i think Korean is a little bit hard for a 6 years old Vietnamese girl lol
Whenever i play Sorry Sorry or It's You, or any SHinee and SS501 song, she sings along....
but when i took out my camera she became shy...

Watch!, the "mehcom" part i didn't teach her to sing the same as Suk Hyun....she just came up with it by herself

i have the video of her dancing as well....but not good enough lol

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01 July 2009 @ 11:34 pm
On July 1st, 1983...an Angel was born on a rainy day...

Now....26 years later...we celebrated his 27th birthday.........

It rained again on your birthday...
Yesterday it rained the whole day in Vietnam....just like he said 26 years ago he came to this world on a rainy day.....

I think it's God's way to reminds me it's his birthday....or maybe God wanted to say that 26 years ago he let an Angel came to this world to make our lives brighter...

I think it's true...because it never rain this much since i came back....the days before the weather was perfect...sunny...but only on his birthday...it's rained..!

THANK YOU GOD!! for let an Angel came into our lives!

May all your birthday wishes came true...my Angel...

천사님 생일축하드려요......
태어나줘서 정말 고맙다!

새일축하드려요 천사님♡

Happy Birthday Leeteuk!

Happy Birthday Leeteuk!

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